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To learn more about open-source technology in the United Arab Emirates, here are some resources and notable technologists to explore:
  1. Open Source UAE: This is a community that promotes the use of open-source technology in the UAE. They organize events, meetups, and workshops to encourage learning and collaboration among developers, engineers, and tech enthusiasts. You can follow them on Twitter at @OpenSourceUAE or visit their website at

  2. Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (DTEC): This is a startup accelerator and co-working space in Dubai that supports tech startups and entrepreneurs. They offer mentorship, funding, and access to resources such as networking events and training programs. DTEC is a great place to meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about open-source technology. Visit their website at

  3. Arab Open University: This is a non-profit university that offers online courses and degrees in various fields, including computer science and IT. They have a strong focus on open-source technology and provide resources and training for students to learn about open-source software and development. Visit their website at

  4. Some notable technologists from the UAE throughout history include:

  • Sultan Al-Qassimi: He is the founder of the Sharjah-based Barjeel Art Foundation and a prominent collector of Arab modern art. He is also a tech enthusiast and has written extensively about the intersection of technology and culture.

  • Abdulrahman Almahmeed: He is the founder of the UAE-based IT company, Gulf Computers, and is considered one of the pioneers of the tech industry in the region.

  • Amr Awadallah: He is the co-founder and CTO of Cloudera, a leading data management and analytics platform. He was born in Egypt but grew up in the UAE and is a graduate of the American University of Sharjah.

  • Mariam Al Hammadi: She is the first Emirati woman to earn a PhD in computer engineering and is a prominent advocate for women in STEM fields. She has worked with various government agencies and organizations to promote the use of technology in education and research.

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