Price comparison

  Self-host Ghost pro
Cheapest option About $5/month $25/month
Number of staff users Nearly unlimited 2 staff users
Premium theme Included $79
Yearly cost About $60 $379

Wait until you hear that running your Ghost server only uses up a fraction of the computing power available to you with your Work Dojo!

Why Ghost?

The UI is built on newer technology than say Wordpress. It’s faster, sleeker, and simpler. Ghost also has memberships and payments built in. Ghost Pro is certainly a viable alternative, but for those truly cash-strapped, self-hosting Ghost is the way to go. Let us guide you through the process. Sign up for a trial in the upper right or save 25% off a subscription with the following link:

Let’s go.

Blogging with payments built in.

Turn your audience into a business.

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