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A company that can shepherd the masses to become truly self-sufficient with technology can become a billion-dollar company AND can change the world.


Self-sufficiency with technology in its purest form is built on raw Linux-based servers that run open-source apps and micro-services in the cloud. The ability to drive and orchestrate these micro-services gives birth to managed services companies (and Big Tech alike) but is also within arm’s reach of anyone. This is the gap that anyone must cross in the quest to become technologically self-sufficient.


Work Dojos bridges this gap by providing the service as shepherd and guide into the world of open-source technology. We equip customers with the wherewithal to drive and orchestrate micro-services in their own cloud we call a dojo.


The word dojo is a Japanese word meaning “the place of the way.” It is an honored place where people come together for deliberate practice to develop their skills. A Work Dojo is that and more. It’s a place to build things (a fantasy world, a passion project, a business). A place where you are in charge of your data, where you can never be canceled, and your freedom of speech will stand the test of time. It’s your place done your way.


Establishing a framework (that’s both largely decentralized and antithetic to Big Tech) while still maintaining some centralization to support the collective effort required to take them on, could prove both very lucrative but also act as a driver for the greater good. Monopolies such as Google’s 90% share of search (making them pretty much the only game in town for traffic, analytics, and eyeballs (which effects small businesses especially)) means that they are in absolute control. A new player with a new approach is both welcome and needed.


One of the biggest breeding grounds for such a framework, providing a way to slice and dice solutions that can impact nearly anyone and everyone, would be one that applies to the entire professional market and all the jobs and sectors contained within it. Something tailored to nearly each and every job in each and every sector. A quick-start guide to ANY business. Something useful for everybody.


Containerized micro-services that make up each dojo provide for a self-contained world that makes it hard to mess things up and offers up endless opportunities for customization. From knowledge (through the help of AI (and ChatGPT, I’ve created a corpus for over 150 professions and a process to scale to 10,000’s. The first company that comes out with a dashboard for every profession will make waves and Work Dojos has already created the first prototype (each corpus has been deployed onto 150 professional dashboards and counting), to apps (each dojo is equipped with open-source alternatives to some of the most widely-used apps in the world (such as Slack, Twitter, Zoom, etc)), to the core building blocks of business (a website, blog, wiki, all included), to more personal solutions for individuals and families (much to the chagrin of Netflix, you can create your own!).


Ultimately a Dojo is the ultimate sandbox. A sandbox for team building, world building, and collaboration (even in a corporate environment a dojo provides a way for teams to autonomously collaborate (and at arm’s length) outside of their company’s traditional (and overly-structured) tech environments that make up their day-to-day). Dojos provide learners with an immersive environment where team members can gain experience and “street smarts” without having to worry about introducing errors into a production environment.


A sandbox for education (navigating the world of micro-services and open-source apps is an educational jaunt into an ever-changing landscape of slick functionality, free nuts ‘n bolts for building things, and a vast expanse of learning opportunities for all levels). Micro-services provide the gateway for making server administration akin to a walk in the park and no longer the frontier for just the woke tech crowd. These things are in reach for all of us, and with a full two decades under our belt, the time is ripe for mass adoption.


A sandbox for families (tech training may not have been a top priority when raising kids in the past but this is no longer going to be the case). Every parent wants to equip their child with tools for success later in life. As we move further and further into the digital age, one might argue that the best tools might be tech tools.


A sandbox for gamers. Imagine a game that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality like no other before it. A business-building simulation with real-world consequences and real-world rewards. This is it right here, right now.


A sandbox for the individual (your server, your data. Anyone can experience the thrill of being Admin. Of being in the pilot seat for unknown adventures to come). We are already seeing people with their own “chat server” (sadly Discord owns nearly 90% of this market) but in a more general sense we will see more and more people drop the word “my server” all up in years to come. “My server is my sandbox.” “My server is my place of the way.” A private place in the digital world is everyone’s right and at the very heart of every dojo.


A sandbox for the future. In the world of Big Tech, where apps and micro-services are often free, few would question the fact that there is still a price to pay. This is the long-game and we’re heading into halftime. We can choose to remain under their control. To have every part of our digital lives dependent on one of three main ecosystems. To live by mysterious algorithms and die by arbitrary decisions made in the name of profit. Or we can try out something new.

The game isn’t over yet. We can win this one.

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