Price comparison

  Self-host Rocket-chat Pro
Cheapest option About $5/month $7/month
Collections Nearly unlimited 100
Family Wikis Nearly unlimited 1
Users Nearly unlimited 1

Have you ever wanted to be the almighty Admin? Self-hosting your own chat server means that you can. is just like Slack and it’s awesome! You can see our own server here:

Workmates chat server


Because it’s a LOT of fun! You can literally build your own social network or use it amongst a smaller private circle or family.

There’s so many features under the hood that I can’t even begin to describe. It has full call-center functionality, with agents and managers, Twilio integration ready to go (get SMS in your own app, imagine that!).

See what can do for you. Sign up for a trial in the upper right or save 25% off a year’s subscription with the following link:

Let’s go.

Ditch Discord, trash Slack. is better and self-hosting means it's yours!

Next up: Vault.

Password manager to rule them all. Continue